What’s Hello Daisy about?

If you’re reading this, connecting digitally is probably second nature, yet many of our loved ones over 65, never made this journey.

Everyone loves connecting. Nobody wants to feel left out. Sometimes we want to chat face-to-face, other times, it may be more bite sized in the form of a simple message, sharing a memory through a photo or video or something humorous. We all share the desire to feel included.

We can help bring the joy of connecting everyone, by helping the digitally excluded, become included, by internet enabling the TV using a Hello Daisy device.

Beyond connecting, Hello Daisy is a platform that will be used for improving health and wellbeing.

We will also be providing a community channel, movement channels, one-to-one physio, GP consultations, fun brain games and some cool tech such as a movement detection and mood assessment.

Hello Daisy

How does Hello Daisy work?

The Hello Daisy box is a device, that internet enables the TV, so you can connect using a smart phone, tablet or pc, creating your own private social network.

Inside the box is 4G connectivity or you can connect by broadband.

It has a very simple remote control, camera and and built-in voice recognition technology.

Now everyone can connect, and it’s fear free, simple and fun.

Currently, we are building the prototype, and soon we will be running a crowd funder, to raise funds to take the Hello Daisy box into production. Just watch this space, for updates.

How Hello Daisy works with family and friends

We help create more happiness by connecting everyone, whether you’re the person with a Hello Daisy box or if you’re using a smart device using our companion app. You can share with a loved one:

  • messages such as ‘Hi Dad, would you like two come over for tea today?’
  • photos / videos they will treasure forever – ‘family snaps, events, a freshly baked cake, holidays
  • jokes and funny stories
  • diary reminders
  • video chats or live feeds, this is especially useful if they cannot attend an important event

Hello Daisy can also be used by local community groups.

How Hello Daisy works with health and care

We all know greater self-care is the future of health, but how can that really play out?

We feel at Hello Daisy, ‘too much emphasis is placed on doing health to people’ and not enough on enabling joy and purpose first.

It’s much easier to begin to take steps to self care, if you can see your life ahead of you, the smallest amount of hope can help spark this. Our approach is grounded in evidence based* behavioural change.

Easy to do x Motivations x Triggers = Behavioural Change

We provide many of these ingredients, the joy of connection, the ability to access health activities through our platform and the nudges to encourage people.

Hello Daisy makes it easier for older people to take greater charge of their health. We are starting with focusing on fun movement and one-to-one physio.  The evidence shows even a small amount of movement can improve overall health, reduce frailty fractures, improve circulation, reduce heart disease, improve confidence, and emotional wellbeing, just to name a few.

In the future we intend to extend our services to video call with their health or care practitioner, medication reminders and with allied health professionals such as art and music therapy and cognitive games and learning.

Hello family

Hello friends

Hello health


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We are currently building the prototype. We will be running a crowd funding campaign soon to raise funds to take Hello Daisy into production. Join the waiting list below and be one of the first people to have a Hello Daisy box.

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5 reasons why Hello Daisy

  1. It’s super easy to use, with a large screen for the visually impaired using a technology older people use and are comfortable with; namely the TV.
  2. It’s affordable. We purposely have kept the price low, to make it very accessible for families.
  3. It’s a private social network, and this means only approved friends and family can connect, and this creates safeguards other social media platforms cannot provide.
  4. It’s plug and play, as we provide the 4G wifi, so there is no messing about with broadband installation and considerably cheaper too.
  5. At Hello Daisy we are always innovating and experimenting; right now we are working on improving voice recognition, a communities channel with Age UK Lambeth, photo carousels and interactive games to building confidence.

* Some people have told us, ‘but there are iPads and mobile phones’; our research shows, even with tablets, these are still very difficult to navigate, the screen size is often too small and this becomes another technology to remember to charge and use.

What does it include?

  • Share photos
  • Share messages
  • Share videos
  • Video chat
  • Community channels
  • Help desk
  • System upgrades
  • Fun movement*
  • One-to-one prescription physio*

* Price to be confirmed, 4G connectivity cost at best market rate at the the time.

We are currently building the prototype and will be running a crowd funding campaign soon to raise funds to take Hello Daisy into production.

Community channel

Coming soon!

  • After doing our 12 months of research with 104 older people, we got a clear signal, the thing most older people like doing most is seeing friends, family and following their interests in that order.
  • We also found they sometimes found it difficult to find other people who share similar interests.
  • Currently, if you do not have internet access, it is excruciatingly difficult to find local activities and people who share these interests.
  • Hello Daisy wants to help the digitally excluded.
  • In partnership with organisations such as Age UK Lambeth, working with their Community Managers, we will be able to share local activities and connect with other older people who share similar interests.

Our partners and community of practice


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